I was between 10 and 12 years old when I went to the public library to look for a book I had to read, and it was a pain!

“Reading a book? I could be playing, but I have to read.”

When I arrived at the public library, a man was recording a tv show about whales on his VCR, and somehow he noticed my frustration looking for a book.

I can’t remember his words, but he came to me with this book and said: “Read this one and come back when you finish it.”


I think the illustrations in the book called my attention and I loved reading it.

The next day I went back, and he showed me other books, and so it started! I was always going to that public library and asking for more and more books!

The tedious books the school teacher asked us to read, I was reading them but waiting to read what really attracted me.

Since then, I didn’t stop reading! I am always learning new things thanks to that man.

I wish I could meet him again but unfortunately, after years, he doesn’t work there anymore and I have no other reference that will help me find him.

My point is, we must show people the importance of reading, always. I am a father of two, and by example, they have an interest in books and not thanks to me but thanks to that kind man from the public library.