Having kids is an extraordinary experience.

From one day to the next, you become responsible for someone.

That someone will make you tired, sometimes angry, disrupt your sleep, take your free time and force you to change habits.

That same person will also show you your own reflex, like a living mirror. It will show you how you react, how your habits control you and the way you talk to people. They do that because they are like a sponge, they will absorb everything, the good and the bad. The way you respond to them is the way they will answer to you and others. The way you speak, the way you react, the way you walk, each word you say, everything.

In the beginning, to them, you are the most powerful and smart person in the whole world. With that, you can feel the weight of the responsibility, you have to become your own psychologist.

With them, you will learn what it is to love someone no matter what.

When they do something wrong, you may seem sad or angry, but you will also feel the love you have for them.

When I was a kid, I remember wishing for the power to fly, like a superhero. It would be amazing, right? One day, at the stove, my son was trying to help me when he touched a hot pan and burned his hand. At that moment, I remember wishing for the power to transfer his pain to me.

So I can say that they have taught and are still teaching me many things daily about love, respect, patience and habits.

That is why I say it is a real adventure, filled with surprises, bad and good times.

There is no easy time when you talk about being a parent, but no matter what, you end-up satisfied and proud.