I enjoy spending some time alone, doing nothing, just observing my thoughts and criticizing them.

I started to think about ownership and began to disapprove this idea and wanted to know why.

To my surprise, what came to mind was some of my close friend’s opinions, not mine. It was a sad moment, realizing I was carrying an idea that was not mine.

The next day, I woke up with a mission, understand ownership and why some companies have that at their core.

I talked to my boss, also a good friend and shared my view on the subject. Another sad moment when I noticed that everything I said was not good, pouring negativity in my words about something I didn’t know well.

Thinking about ownership, now by myself, I concluded that it is not a bad thing, it may be miss interpreted.

When a company says that an employee should act with ownership, it is not like owning a house or a company. It is more about owning what you do, say and think.

I noticed I didn’t own my opinion about ownership.

Now I own it. Thanks to quiet moments where I can analyze my thoughts and criticize them.

With that, I learned two things:

  • ownership is not a bad thing that companies are asking for;
  • I should be careful about what my mind is absorbing from those around me. Now I am aware that some of my opinions, thoughts and what I say are not entirely me.

How much of me is genuine? I believe there is no way to estimate that, maybe nobody is 100% original. We are always carrying something from those around us and our environment.

Even when I am not 100% myself, I should still own what I am.