It is frustrating to do something and not enjoy it.

I do not seek satisfaction in everything I do. Working with something that does not motivate, does not push you forward, that is a sad place to be.

Dealing with things that I do not like is required, that is what will make me grow. As I say, I do not have to leave my comfort zone, but I have to make it bigger. My comfort zone is where I shine.

The best way to increase my comfort zone is by doing something new or that I do not enjoy until I am good enough.

I believe that most of my frustration with what I do, software development, comes because I do not believe in 90% of what is done in technology.

Today, the process is not relevant anymore, only the results matter.

Looking for ways to accomplish the goal as fast as possible is causing the software development industry to become unbearableā€¦

Uninteresting, tedious and good-for-nothing.

With my short experience, I learned that complaining does not change anything, it only exposes a view on something.

Maybe, the solution to this frustration is to have my own thing. To have my own business.

I know a company comes with a load of different problems, but I also know that, by owning it, I will be able to apply what I believe is now forgotten in software development.