I am a Brazilian software writer. I do that for a living and also as a hobby.

Reading is something I do daily without fail, I’m always reading or writing down my ideas but writing is less frequent. Maybe stop being a consumer of information and start being a creator is a good move and I am trying my best to create more by writing.

Learned that to improve myself, I should be comparing the “yesterday” me with the “today” me.

There is a list of values that I read daily. Some of the items in this list came from my head and some came from texts I have read and podcasts I have listened to.

  • Courage, justice, moderation and wisdom.
  • Do not disconnect what I think from what I say.
  • Do not believe in short term thoughts and ideas, go for the long term ones.
  • Honesty is a required value in life.
  • Being with people that I can be honest with.
  • Accumulate information does not increase knowledge.
  • Avoid anger and impatience as well as people with those characteristics.
  • Invest my time in people I know I will be with for life.

This is a “live” list, maybe I will add or remove something in the future as I learn more. The intention is not trying to tell what is a good or a bad value but to remember myself of what I believe is the path for a good life.

I have reached a point where I could not care less about having stuff.

Persist and resist!

Just like me